Our Caller & Cuer

Don Wood - Caller

A Washington native, Don has been fortunate to have traveled world-wide calling square dances. He has called in England, Australia, Mexico, Canada, The Caribbean, as well as most of the United States. He became interested in calling as a young boy, when his club caller asked him to do a singing call at a club dance. Several years later, while he was in the service, he and his wife started dancing in New Jersey, and the calling attraction began again. Music had always been a large part of his life, as over the years Don had been playing and singing in several bands, and in church choirs, so the transition to square dance caller seemed to be a natural progression.

Recently Don's wife Marie has begun cueing. As she danced rounds thru phase 5 her transition to cuer was relatively easy. They are now booking together and have become known as the "Donnie and Marie" show.

Marie Wood - Cuer

Marie has been dancing most of her life. She learned to square dance when she was 8 and round dance when she was 10. Marie was taught to round dance by a very popular Oregon and Washington cuer and teacher, her mother, Doris Jenks. Marie began cueing as a teenager, but as for most of us, school and other things interrupted her. She returned to cueing in 2014.

Marie is an ASCAP/BMI/SESAC licensed cuer and a member of Roundalab.

Marie is currently the club cuer for the SwingNuts in Sumner and one of the club cuers/teachers for the Roundabouts in Olympia. Marie cues thru Phase IV. She has also been a guest cuer for several clubs in the Washington/Oregon area. Marie’s husband (Don Wood) is an established caller and they have been married for 26 years. They are co-owners of Lou-Mac Records, a company that has produced square and round dance music for over 50 years. Several clubs have booked them together as a calling/cueing team and they have become known locally as the “Donny and Marie show”.

Phil “Phil-Billy” Ramey - Host Caller

Born and raised in the Mid-West, “Phil-Billy” grew up on good old-fashioned barn dancing in West Virginia. After being discharged from the Navy and moving to Arizona, his family reunions and visits home always seemed to come with a bit of that barn dancing. But it wasn’t until his move to California that he discovered more modern square dancing. The appeal was irresistible and in no time at all, he was taking lessons.

Over the next 25 years of square dancing, more than one caller said, “YOU need to be a caller!” His crazy work hours put the kibosh on that. But after retirement in 2012, he received a birthday card from several square-dancing friends with a receipt inside to a callers’ school along with a note saying “Now, No Excuses!”

And they were right! Phil-Billy Ramey went to caller school, moved to Oregon and is now the Club Caller for the Star Promenaders in Medford!