Our Caller & Cuer

Michael Kellogg - Caller

Michael Kellogg - California

Michael began square dancing at the age of 21 and started calling almost immediately in 1983. Dancers today know him for his high-energy, exuberant, and uplifting calling style; and his technical but “down to earth” teaching. It’s hard not to have fun when you’re dancing to Michael’s lively presentation.

During the 80s and 90s Michael called squares full time. He now works full-time during the day as a systems analyst. He teaches beginner level thru C2 weekly and calls for special events on many weekends. Michael’s travel is restricted mostly to weekends now. Additionally, he calls 2-3 weeks in Europe every year and one week in Japan every other year. Michael shares the calling privileges for Tinseltown Squares in Los Angeles, teaching A2 and Challenge programs.
Michael lives in Northridge, CA.

Rikki Lobato - Cuer

I began square and round dancing in the Fall of 2011. I grew up watching my grandparents dance, but always resisted joining them. I so wish I could have had the chance to dance with Grandma and Grandpa Jones, as I definitely caught the dance fever once I began, and find nothing but joy when I am dancing and cueing!!!  However, there is no doubt that they are dancing beside me now!

In 2017, some dancers asked me to help them with their round dancing and so I obtained my RoundALab license, with the intention to “just help them.” That plan soon included an Amateur nite and before I knew it I was cueing my first dance and teaching my first class in the Fall of 2017.

I have been incredibly blessed to cue with some of my favorite callers, and lucky enough to call them all friends. I also have an amazing group of mentors and cuers that are friends and who I can always go to with questions!! The square and round dance community includes some of the most generous people I know. I am so grateful for all the support I’ve been given by callers, cuers, dancers, friends and family.

I currently teach in Roseburg for Dancing Friends and have my own round dance group Rikki’s Rounds in Grants Pass. I have started writing some choreography and have published 4 dances so far. 

You can find out where I am cueing or information on classes etc at my website www.rikkisrounds.com  

I love traveling/dancing and cueing as often as I can and always look forward to seeing the many friends I’ve made!

Phil “Phil-Billy” Ramey - Host Caller

Born and raised in the Mid-West, “Phil-Billy” grew up on good old-fashioned barn dancing in West Virginia. After being discharged from the Navy and moving to Arizona, his family reunions and visits home always seemed to come with a bit of that barn dancing. But it wasn’t until his move to California that he discovered more modern square dancing. The appeal was irresistible and in no time at all, he was taking lessons.

Over the next 25 years of square dancing, more than one caller said, “YOU need to be a caller!” His crazy work hours put the kibosh on that. But after retirement in 2012, he received a birthday card from several square-dancing friends with a receipt inside to a callers’ school along with a note saying “Now, No Excuses!”

And they were right! Phil-Billy Ramey went to caller school, moved to Oregon and is now the Club Caller for the Star Promenaders in Medford!